Analytics Solutions

Business Analytics Solutions - набор решений обработки бизнес данных и аналитики.
Включает в себя 3 продукта:
  • SAP Crystal Solutions
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand Solutions
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge Solutions
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Business Analytics Solutions SAP® Crystal Solutions

SAP BusinessObjects™ BI OnDemand Solution

SAP BusinessObjects Edge Solutions


intuitive reporting, dashboards, and ad hoc analysis solutions for small businesses and functional departments

Softwareasaservice solution providing complete, intuitive, turnkey business intelligence

Comprehensive business intelligence and performance management software – specifically for midsize companies

What needs it’s a best-fit for

Need for affordable reporting with access to any data source, intuitive exploration and analysis, visualizations and interactive dashboards, and the ability to perform whatif analysis

Need for a comprehensive Bi solution for exploring, reporting on, and sharing data that delivers insight quickly and reduces the burden on it

Need for comprehensive capabilities for enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards and visualization, data management, planning and budgeting, or strategy management

Company size/ number of employees





All major industries

All major industries

All major industries

Key functionality

report design, viewing, management, sharing, and distribution plus: • data visualizations • interactive dashboards • whatif scenario analysis • Access to any data source

• report creation, user defined • data visualization and dashboard creation • reports and dashboards on a single server • report personalization • Ad hoc reporting, query, and analysis • data integration

Comprehensive functionality including: • Ad hoc analysis • dashboards • data integration • data quality • data marts • Budgeting, planning, and consolidation • Strategy management


• on premise • desktop • on demand • Hosting

on demand

• on premise • Hosting


1–8 days


4–8 weeks

How to buy

traditional licensing or monthly subscription

Monthly subscription

traditional licensing